Michelle Ramirez

Company Agent at Modern House Real Estate

  • Agent License: 092-212-0987
  • Tax Number: WIU-029340-3049
  • Service Areas: Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, New York
  • Specialties: Property management, Real estate development, Real estate appraising, Retail leasing, Apartment brokerage

Property Types

  • 40% Single Family Home
  • 20% Shop
  • 20% Villa
  • 20% Other

Property Status

  • 80% For Sale
  • 20% For Rent

Property Cities

  • 40% Miami
  • 40% New York
  • 10% Los Angeles
  • 10% Other

About Michelle Ramirez

When you are ready to purchase a home in the area, Michelle’ experience and knowledge of the various neighborhoods are invaluable assets. She will help you identify opportunities that meet your requirements and assist you in acquiring the perfect property – occasionally one that may not even be on the market.
Michelle’ seasoned counsel, local perspective and market knowledge are essential elements for accomplishing your real estate goals.

Whether looking to buy or sell a property, you need a seasoned professional who intimately knows the nuances of the community along with the ever-changing dynamics of the local market.

Michelle has assisted countless homeowners achieve “top dollar” for their properties with quality, cutting-edge marketing and unparalleled negotiating expertise. She is very engaged in the preparation phase with the goal of ensuring that your property is positioned to achieve its ultimate value. Her marketing team incorporates high-end photography, skillfully produced videos and targeted advertising in print, online and social media platforms providing maximum exposure to an international audience.

Language: English, Spanish, French

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    excellent agent

    nice working with her

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    Really pleasant experience

    She has been really helpful in our home hunt. She is really professional and she explained the market with every details. I’ve had really pleasant experience working with her.

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    Good agent

    She was really helpful. Highly recommended.

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